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Netintelligence products prove hits with Schoolzone


(GLASGOW) Two products from Netintelligence, the leading hosted security service solution provider, have received glowing endorsements from Schoolzone, the body that provides UK education with community access through research, evaluation and marketing.

Schoolzone has evaluated both Ni Enterprise Manager and Ni Parental Control for its community of educationalists, and each has received an excellent review, with the review for Ni Enterprise Manager featuring in the Education supplement of The Independent.

Schoolzone has the largest teacher research community in the UK and is experienced at carrying out market research, content development, evaluation and consultancy. Schoolzone has worked with well over 120 clients, including The DfES and the BBC, and reviews a wide range of educational resources, ranging from books, software, training to hardware. Schoolzone takes a different approach to many evaluation services in that all tests are undertaken by teachers and professionals working in the Education sector. The Schoolzone web site receives over 30,000 unique users a day, making it one of the UK's most used educational sites, as well as the biggest, listing some 41,000 educational sites reviewed by teachers.

Schoolzone’s reviewers found that both of Netintelligence’s products were extremely easy to use, offered high levels of functionality and flexibility, comprehensive reporting and provided complete control over the desktops/laptops that the products were installed upon.

In reviewing Ni Enterprise Manager, Schoolzone stated: “This software is a very sophisticated network management and monitoring tool designed to run in the background. It will allow the user to set policies for different user groups therefore a Year 12 or 13 student could have a less restrictions than a Year 7 pupil. Once the initial policies have been set, the administration of the system is easy and non-technical staff can generate reports such as an activity summary presented in clear graphical format. Administration is possible from anywhere at anytime via the internet. A very useful side of the software is that it will generate an instant hardware and software inventory of every computer connected to the network with detailed reports of changes.”

Schoolzone were particularly impressed with Ni Parental Control’s feature of remote monitoring of up to 3 separate computers via a central online Control Centre.

“Ni Parental Control does a very good job at monitoring access to computers and filtering inappropriate web access. It is extremely easy to set up and use. Having the three-computer licence makes sense for homes with multiple computers”

Phil Worms, Director of Product Marketing stated: “We are very pleased with the Schoolzone reviews, particularly given that they are undertaken by the intended ‘end users’ in real life environments rather than in the test labs of professional IT certification bodies. These reviews validate both our technology and our method of delivering web based security services to business and consumers. ”

The Schoolzone review of Ni Enterprise Manager can be found here:

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The Schoolzone review of Ni Parental Control can be found here:

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