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Manchester City Council protects the vulnerable with Enterprise Manager


Widening access: reducing access to harmful content

Providing internet access for children in care, youth centres and homeless hostels also means protecting web-users from unsuitable content as well as IT hardware from abuse and damage.

The council realised it needed a robust system that could deliver on all counts and turned its attention to Netintelligence’s Ni Enterprise Manager.

Mark Thorne, security analyst with Manchester City Council, who deals with IT used in social care settings, said: “We’d been providing internet access at youth centres and homeless centres for a while but needed a better system for filtering content and monitoring usage.

“Previously we had relied on staff on site monitoring users but this wasn’t sufficient. As you might expect we’d been experiencing issues with the type of content being accessed so we started using Enterprise Manager a few years ago to centrally control web filters."

“We started off using it in the homeless shelters and it proved effective so it was rolled out to youth centres and children’s homes. The children were satisfied that the system was there to protect them and it was actually more effective at filtering sites with harmful content but allowing sites which are educational but deal with serious topics."

“Now we can manage all the computers centrally and monitor how individuals use the computers. Managers in the centres or homes can also monitor which sites the children are visiting and their instant messenger content, though they can’t change the settings locally. They can request to have certain sites blocked or other ones allowed – it’s really very flexible."

Mark added: “We also have around 187 laptops which are used by children with foster families which are protected by Enterprise Manager. We’re even using Enterprise Manager on computers in our mobile libraries which access the internet over the 3G network.”

Netintelligence Channel Manager Marc Kelly said “We are delighted to be working with Manchester City Council. The Council has been putting our Netintelligence Enterprise Manager to good effect, enabling them to roll out access to the internet to a growing group of people who previously did not have easy access, whilst also protecting them from harmful content.


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