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Free Online Football shown the red card !


Netintelligence launches new solution to block illegal web broadcasts at source

Websites which breach UK copyright laws by offering football fans live games without subscription costs can now be blocked by the internet provider, thanks to a new service launched today by leading internet security firm Netintelligence.

Television companies and sports authorities are currently fighting an ongoing battle with websites, often operated from China or Egypt, which offer live, free Premiership games and other fixtures which require subscription or a one-off payment.

Netintelligence (Ni) Cloud Clean is a network-based system which prevents access to illegal sites – including sites hosting paedophilic material – without the user realising they have been actively blocked. Instead, an error message is displayed when someone tries to access an illegal site.

The software manages web addresses supplied by Controlled Content Providers (CCPs), which could be a law enforcement agency, a media rights or copyright owner, or another licensed provider of illegal website addresses, eg the Internet Watch Foundation.

Phil Worms, director of products and marketing at Netintelligence, said: “Media rights owning companies are struggling to contain these illegal websites, and many have had to bring in specialist companies whose sole job is to find these sites.

“We can take the URLs of these sites and add them to our database, so that when someone tries to view a Premiership match illegally via a website, or access paedophilic material, all they see is an error message saying ‘website not found’.

“This is a problem which isn’t going to go away easily, because when one site is shut down several more spring up in its place. Television companies are spending a fortune in legal bills to tackle these sites, but with Ni Cloud Clean installed in the network it’s possible to simply block access to anyone attempting to visit a particular site.”

Ni Cloud Clean is also valuable in protecting legitimate internet users who may accidentally stumble upon illegal content, such as child pornography. Again, these users will only see an error message as the URL is filtered by the Netintelligence database.

Phil said: “Large corporations can also use Ni Cloud Clean to ensure their employees don’t deliberately or accidentally access illegal content on the web. As well as the obvious copyright protection benefits to media companies, the software provides peace of mind to companies who don’t want to worry about their employees running into legal difficulties through using the internet at work.”

“Whilst I understand that this system may raise concerns about personal choice and censorship, our view is simple, “if its illegal its illegal.” With the many of the media companies becoming internet service providers in their own right, BskyB, for example, it makes sense for them to protect both their end users and their intellectual property at the same time.”


Issued by The BIG Partnership on behalf of Netintelligence.

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