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XMA rolls our Enterprise Manager to protect Schools


XMA Ltd secures a significant amount of new business after partnering with Netintelligence

XMA has been a specialist supplier of IT hardware, supplies, services and solutions to education, health, government and corporate sectors for more than 20 years.

The company is a major supplier of IT equipment under the Government’s Computers for Pupils scheme and deals with more than 8,000 schools, over 90% of universities and 50% of Further Education institutions in the UK.

As a result, ensuring computer equipment and networks are managed effectively is paramount and selecting the best partners to work with is a must.

Glenn Place, Services Manager at XMA, said: “The ability to remotely monitor individual computer use and change filtering settings makes Ni Enterprise Manager very attractive to local authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of children under their care.

"From a local authority and school's point of view, the software ensures children can surf the web safely while completing schoolwork, protected from viruses, inappropriate content and online predators. The programme cannot be disabled by end-users because it is hosted remotely and works no matter how the computer is connected to the internet.

"The features of Enterprise Manager and the pricing model used by Netintelligence offer excellent value for money and when compared to similar offerings out there, it proves to be an extremely competitive product. For us as a supplier, it enables us to offer a far better wrapped service.

"With many rival products an investment in additional hardware is required but not with this solution, which is a major selling point for Enterprise manager.”

"The customer service provided by Netintelligence is superb and we are very pleased with the level of attention we receive.”

Ni Enterprise Manager is the perfect network management tool for schools and other educational institutions. It provides web filtering and instant messaging monitoring features as well as the ability to centrally monitor policy compliance and deliver protection across de-perimeterised boundaries and networks. In addition, Enterprise Manager provides firewall, P2P control, and asset and usage management with comprehensive reporting.

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