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Child Safety Software Released at Barnardo?s Conference


The world’s first Parental Control & Internet Security software designed for today’s broadband family.

iomart Group plc (“iomart”) have today launched their “Netintelligence Home Edition” at Barnardo’s “Just One Click in Scotland : Promoting the Safety of Children Online” conference in Edinburgh .

Netintelligence is the world’s first Parental Control and Security software designed for today’s broadband technology. Parents will be able to record chat/instant messaging conversations, block sexually explicit or otherwise harmful websites, stop viruses, and monitor computer usage both on and off line.

“Netintelligence Home Edition” is the first user friendly software than includes all these features, and will allow even technical beginners to monitor the time their children spend on the family PC.

Installed on up to 3 separate computers per family, Netintelligence utilises the ‘Always On’ properties of broadband connections - by constantly ‘communicating’ with its Central Databases to monitor, take appropriate actions and report on any harmful activity that it has detected.

The Databases currently contain over 30 million inappropriate web sites, files and images including sites classified as illegal by the Internet Watch Foundation. Using an incredibly simple, but powerful, online Control Centre, parents can create and apply web access/blocking rules, create totally safe internet zones for their children, and view all of their reports including: web sites visited, blocked web site attempts, computer & application usage and instant messenger sessions.

Parents will get an instant snapshot of all activities carried out on the machine, identify any areas of immediate concern, and be able to drill down from a week to a day, from a total view to an individual level - all with a simple click of the mouse. As the information is refreshed every minute - parents have as near to ‘real time view’ as is possible.

Angus MacSween, CEO, of iomart commented: “Most parents are aware that the Internet can be unsafe and are genuinely concerned for their children's welfare, they just do not know how to address the issues or where to turn to for help. By combining Anti Virus, Web Blocking & Filtering, Email protection, Application usage, and Instant Messenger monitoring into one easy to use software solution, we have taken a huge step, with Netintelligence Home Edition, in providing parents with the complete solution.”

Peter Robbins, CEO, of The Internet Watch Foundation commented:

“As an IWF member we are pleased to be able to offer iomart the use of our URL database for inclusion in their new filtering product. All internet users, especially children are entitled to an abuse-free online environment and it is important that internet services and products make it easy as possible for consumers to control their experience of the world-wide web.”

Angus MacSween added:

“We believe that with Netintelligence we can change the maxim ‘always on - always vulnerable’ to ‘always on - always protected’”

Netintelligence Home is available to download on a 14 Day trial basis from

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