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Adds Time Controls to its Parental Control & Security Software - V1.1 released


Netintelligence has announced today that it has released the latest version of its market leading Netintelligence Broadband Home Edition Parental Control and Internet Security software.

The new version, which will be automatically released to its entire customer base today, now includes Internet Access and Computer Access Time Controls. This additional functionality provides concerned parents/guardians with the ability to determine, set and restrict, when and for how long individual members of their families can use the internet and the computer.

Using a very simple Time Control Panel, the parent/guardian can set allow/restrict policies for each individual user of the computer by days of the week in 30 minute time periods. This feature is perfect for not only restricting access to the Internet - ideal for users of Pay as You Go Broadband - but also ensuring that children are not spending too much time on the computer in general.

Phil Worms of Netintelligence commented ‘Our research, and customer feedback, has shown that parents are as concerned with their children, tucked away in their bedrooms, playing computer games for long periods as they are about children accessing the internet. This additional functionality allows parents to set reasonable time limits for both internet usage and computer usage - safe in the knowledge that their children will not be able to exceed them.”

Phil Worms of Netintelligence added: ‘The addition of Time Controls to our product fully demonstrates the power of using a unified security/parental control solution which physically resides on the end users computer - the end point. We have been asked for this type of functionality by our customers and have added it seamlessly. The next time that our users log in to their Online Control Centre, they will see this functionality and will be able to start using it immediately. The updating of the software is done automatically and invisibly to the end user. Once again, we have designed the feature with non technical users in mind and by allowing our customers to manage their settings from any pc using the on line Control Centre - they can rest assured that their family are not abusing ‘the rules’ even whilst they are away from the home”.

‘This ‘pain free’ software upgrade process guarantees that we will be able to expand our product’s features and functionality over the next few weeks and months, ensuring that Netintelligence can always respond to the latest threats and concerns that parents might have’

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