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Netintelligence warns of potential security breaches in UK Call Centres


GLASGOW) Netintelligence, the leading hosted security service solution provider, has contributed to the debate over the issues of identity theft from UK Call Centres.

It comes after Strathclyde Police raised concerns that criminals had infiltrated the industry.
Strathclyde Police said that up to one in 10 of the financial centres in Glasgow had been infiltrated by gangs. Detectives from the fraud squad said customers' financial information was being stolen and then used to make tens of thousands of pounds of profit

Detective Chief Inspector Derek Robertson of Strathclyde Police stated: “"We know of organised crime groups who are placing people within the call centres so that they can steal customers' data and carry out fraud and money-laundering. We also know of employees leaving the call centres and being approached and coerced, whether physically, violently or by being encouraged to make some extra money. And, of course, you also have the disgruntled employee who may turn their hand to fraud just to benefit themselves.”

During an interview with BBC News, Jamie Gallagher, Head of Sales stated: “That the figure suggested by Strathclyde Police, represented a significant problem.”

He said: "These are the frontline employees of organisations and sometimes with as little as two days training they're allowed access to the core systems of organisation which hold key personal customer data. Data such as names, addresses and perhaps more importantly credit and bank account details.”

Jamie added: “I am very surprised that in this day and age, call centre organisations are not vetting their employees more thoroughly to ensure that they are who they claim to be, and that they are not deploying monitoring solutions that will effectively police and enforce IT security and user acceptance policies in the workplace.”

“Most organisations are still focused on protecting their IT systems from external threats, and for whatever reasons, they still fail to recognise the ‘threats from within’. With the proliferation of data storage devises such as memory sticks, taking copies of an organisations customer data is no more than a 30 second job for an employee with access rights. One way for an organisation to counter this threat is to actually monitor all of the activity that an employee undertakes on their computer, at the endpoint level, during the working day and to create policies to ensure that inappropriate activity can not occur.”

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