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iPads & iPhones

With more and more organisation's using tablets and smart phones for internet, it is vital that end users enjoy the same levels of protection that is afforded to Windows' users.

It's easy enough with one office where a simple gateway solution will do the job but extending this type of solution to branch offices and mobile workers is very difficult without expense and complexity.

Netintelligence has created a web filtering technology that guarantees all users of iOS devices enjoy a rapid, safe and secure browsing experience.

Netintelligence works like a fully featured browser with all the 'pinch and tap' functionality you'd expect combined with an award-winning content filter. The content filter automatically assesses new sites in real time.

A key feature of the Netintelligence iOS Web filter is central management and control. Once installed, Netintelligence can manage any device, individually or as part of a group, enabling you to control and protect an unlimited number of internet connected devices - be they tablets, smart phones, desktops or laptops.

The Web-based central Control Panel gives you unparalleled central management and reporting and can be accessed from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Fully featured Safari Web Browser - Supports iPads®, iPhones® and iPods®
  • Central Management - change settings, set policies, and monitor all end user devices in real time (both Windows® and iOS)
  • Central Reporting - comprehensive, fully customisable real time reports detailing all of activities occurring on the devices available on demand through the Central Control Panel
  • Simple Installation - download onto the device, automatic synch with the Central Control Panel
  • Ultimate Protection - supported by one of the largest databases of assessed threats in Europe with over 30 million files and counting.
BT - British Telecom

Netintelligence provides excellent customer service. We only have to supply the product to customers and Netintelligence handles the technical side of things and helps our clients with any queries they have. The systems is so easy to use, once clients see it, they want it.

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