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The most comprehensive & easy to use family web filtering and safety product available today.

NI home only £19.99 per year

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As parents we all want to keep our children safe. But how do you keep them safe from threats you can't see and can't control?

The internet has invaded our homes and exposed our children to both the best and worst that cyberspace has to offer. Our houses are full of PCs, laptops, games consuls, iPads and Smartphones.

However hard you try to teach your children to behave responsibly online, the nature of the web means they are likely to come across unsuitable content, imagery and even people. Keeping them safe online is now just as important as making sure they know how to cross the road.

Netintelligence's award-winning web filtering service allows your children to surf the web safely.

Its easy-to-use, can be customised for different age groups and allows you to control all internet-connected devices in your home from one simple, central control panel on your own computer.

Key Features:

  • Simple to Install and Use - ready and protecting within minutes
  • Customisable Web Site Blocking & Filtering - Fully customisable to meet the differing age ranges and needs of your family.
  • Safe Internet Zones - Create your own safe internet by restricting access to only sites that you believe safe and appropriate
  • Instant Messaging Recording & Monitoring - Check out with whom your children are chatting online. View their conversations on line.
  • Time Controls - Avoid Arguments!! Set time limits for how long you want your kids to use the computer and internet.
  • Computer Usage - Monitor when the computer is used and for how long
  • Application/Software Usage - Get a breakdown of the top apps and software used
  • Total Control - Manage and monitor up to 3 computers/devises from one central online control panel
  • Can't be removed or circumvented by your kids!
  • Protection Away from Home - Don't worry if the kids takes the laptop away with them - they are still protected.
  • Accredited - Netintelligence is the first e-safety software in the UK to receive a British Standard Institute Kitemark for Child Online Safety.

Don't take our word for it - Download a FREE 30 Day Trial NOW!

BT - British Telecom

Netintelligence provides excellent customer service. We only have to supply the product to customers and Netintelligence handles the technical side of things and helps our clients with any queries they have. The systems is so easy to use, once clients see it, they want it.

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