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Gateway Filter

Many organisations, particularly those that utilise a central gateway for internet access, require a powerful web filtering and protection service at the perimeter, and Netintelligence has a technology capable of delivering this.

Netintelligence can be supplied and installed utilising the traditional gateway model either virtually, on a proxy server, or on a separate physical appliance.

All traffic is routed through the filter and is subjected to the rules and policies that have been applied via the Central Control Panel.

Highly scalable, flexible and easy to manage, Netintelligence Gateway can be deployed as a standalone solution or as part of a combination of other Netintelligence filtering technologies.

This is unique to Netintelligence and provides any organisation with the ability to centrally monitor and protect any end user in any location regardless of how the web is accessed - allowing you to share your security policies across devices, operating systems and protocols whilst meeting regulatory and risk requirements.

Key Features

  • Netintelligence Gateway Filter can be delivered as both a virtual or physical appliance
  • Perimeter filtering
  • Protects all users on the network regardless of device ownership - perfect for mitigating possible threats from contractors etc
  • Operating System agnostic - can't be circumvented
  • Can be used as a standalone solution or combined with other Netintelligence solutions
  • Central Monitoring and Control via Web based Control Panel
BT - British Telecom

Netintelligence provides excellent customer service. We only have to supply the product to customers and Netintelligence handles the technical side of things and helps our clients with any queries they have. The systems is so easy to use, once clients see it, they want it.

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