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The classroom is no longer a room with four walls, a blackboard and a teacher with a piece of chalk. It is a learning environment whose boundaries are set only by the technology being used.

Access to the internet has revolutionised the way education is delivered and brought with it an enhanced duty of care for those in charge of nurseries, schools, colleges and universities to keep pupils and students safe when they are online.

There are a host of potential threats that children face online as they move through the different phases of their education. Whether its pornography, violent games, cyber bullying, grooming by paedophiles or access to websites that promote eating disorders or even suicide, the internet allows children to stumble upon or deliberately access an array of unsuitable content.

That is why internet security is such an important issue and why the web filtering technology provided by Netintelligence can play such a critical role in helping you keep your pupils and students safe online.

Netintelligence delivers flexible policy management capabilities that can be tailored to the needs of specific groups within the education environment. Because Netintelligence is not tied to a specific network or gateway it can provide protection across multiple internet-enabled devices whether it's via PCs, laptops, iPads or Smart phones, regardless of their physical location, even if they are on the move.

The creation and management of policies is achieved using a simple web interface. These policies can be tailored to specific groups or individuals any updates are immediately available to all machines and users that are being protected.

Netintelligence's award-winning web filtering technology allows you to control access to the web. You set the policies and Netintelligence implements them from one central, easy-to-use control panel.

Netintelligence is accredited to provide web security at the highest level. It is the first internet security software in the UK to have received the BSI Kitemark for Child Online Safety.

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Netintelligence provide us with a solution which met our e-safety requirements and was easily deployed, with the benefit of full parental controls.

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